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Student Paper Awards

TAC has established awards to recognize contributions by students to the technical content of its annual conference. The awards are open to all students submitting papers that are accepted for presentation at the annual conference.

The establishment of this award is intended to encourage student participation in the conference and in the activities of the association.

Award Eligibility

All student papers accepted for the TAC Annual Conference through the standard submission and review process, as outlined in TAC's call for papers, are eligible for the Student Paper Awards. To be considered a student paper, the principal author of a paper must be registered full-time at a recognized academic institution. Student papers should be clearly identified as such when submitted for consideration for the TAC Annual Conference.

Review Procedures and Evaluation Criteria

A selection committee composed of members of TAC's Education and Human Resources Development Council will review all student papers accepted for presentation at the TAC Annual Conference, taking into consideration:

  • the general quality of the paper,
  • the research methodology described,
  • observations and conclusions, and
  • contributions made by the paper to the subject matter.

Based on its review, the selection committee will recommend up to three prizes be awarded annually to the principal authors of the top three student papers, as follows:

  • First prize ($500)
  • Second prize ($300)
  • Third prize ($200)

The awards will be presented during the Wednesday Lunch at the TAC Conference.