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Title:  Geometric Design Guide for Canadian Roads: Chapter 4 - Section Elements
Publication code:  PTM-GEODES4-E

The Geometric Design Guide for Canadian Roads is a fundamental reference document for roadway design practitioners in Canada. It contributes to the consistent and safe development and expansion of regional, provincial, and national roadway and highway systems in Canada.

The 2017 Guide contains the current design and human factors research and practices for roadway geometric design; it replaces the 1999 edition of the Guide and subsequent updates to it. The Guide provides guidance in developing design solutions that meet the needs of a range of users while addressing the context of local conditions and environments. Design guidelines for freeways, arterials, collectors, and local roads, in both urban and rural locations, are included as well as guidance for integrated bicycle and pedestrian design.

Chapter 4 – Cross Section Elements provides guidance on the design procedures and domains dealing with cross section design and related elements including the use of special purpose lanes, drainage features, grading, snow removal, bridge considerations, and shared use of the right-of-way by public and private utilities. 

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The 10 chapters in the Geometric Design Guide for Canadian Roads are: 1 – Design Philosophy; 2 – Design Controls, Classification and Consistency; 3 – Alignment and Lane Configuration; 4 – Cross Section Elements; 5 – Bicycle Integrated Design; 6 – Pedestrian Integrated Design; 7 – Roadside Design; 8 – Access; 9 – Intersections; and 10 – Interchanges.

The Guide can be purchased in its entirety (package of chapters 1-10) or by separate chapters, and is available in either hard copy or e-book formats.

Full-time students providing proof of eligibility can buy the package for $225 or each separate chapter for $39 (e-book versions only). Email publications@ 108livescore www.littleponygamess.com your academic program name, course title, name of professor or dean, and copy of your student ID, for instructions. Call 613-736-1350 with questions.

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