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Hosted by the TAC Foundation, the Transportation Hackathon is a 48-hour problem-solving competition where multi-disciplinary student teams are challenged to address a real-world transportation issue. The hackathon will bring together a diverse mix of students and professionals from both transportation and relevant non-traditional/non-transportation specific disciplines. Teams of students, guided by mentors, will work together over a weekend to create integrated solutions to the hackathon’s central transportation ‘problem’, for the greater good of commuters and community.


The Transportation Hackathon will host 100-120 inventive, forward-thinking minds to change the status quo and create disruptive solutions for transportation issues. The event will bring together a diverse, multidisciplinary group to discuss issues affecting traffic; pitch and develop solutions over a two-day period; and present demos of their solutions to peers and a panel of judges for recognition, honours and prizes.

Team registration opens soon. 

Where & When

The Hackathon will take place in Toronto, in March 2019.

Sponsors are needed to support the event financially, and to serve as mentors, judges, and examples of industry leadership.

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Sponsors gain access to a valued audience with

Corporate branding

  • Introduce your company’s brand to future transportation leaders and showcase what you’re doing to apply and advance technology in the industry.
  • Connect your industry data to innovative problem solvers pushing the limits of their creativity as they pitch solutions to notorious transport issues.
  • Position your brand as a forward-looking and working to solve critical transportation challenges.
  • All sponsorship levels offer brand recognition opportunities.

Access to new talent

  • Look beyond resumes and interviews with a 48-hour window into how participants solve problems, collaborate as teams, and work under pressure.
  • Meet passionate problem solvers that apply a creative lens to technical solutions.
  • All sponsorship levels offer face time with participants as onsite mentors and committee judges.